New drone directive to have wider scope to handle privacy invasions

File photo of a drone

Director General of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA)Simon Allotey says there’s a need to revise guidelines for the use of drones in the country.

Mr. Allotey held that additional directives must be prescribed given the early guidelines concentrated largely on use and safety but due to advancements,there’s need for a code to address issues of security and invasion of privacy.

“You know some people can even fix weapons on drones as well as use it for espionage so we must regulate use so harm is not caused,” he summed up.

The Ghana Health Service in partnership with Fly Zipline Ghana is introducing a scheme where drones ferry health supplies like blood and essential medicines to people in hard to reach areas.

Parliament has approved the drones-for-medical delivery deal after three failed attempts.

The drones will operate 24 hours a day from 4 distribution centres across the country. The distribution centres will stock 184 life-saving and essential medical supplies including emergency blood and oxytocin to save women’s lives in childbirth.

By: Michael Eli Dokosi/