Standard Chartered Bank unveils SC Mobile App, Central Bank impressed with robustness

CEO of Standard Chartered Bank Ghana Ltd, Mrs. Mansa Nettey, Board Chair; Dr. Emmanuel Oteng Kumah with other SC members

Standard Chartered Bank has unveiled its banking and lifestyle app branded SC Mobile to give clients the power to make transactions with ease without disruption to their work schedule and social life.

Managers say all what one needs to open an account on the app is a smart phone and a valid identity card.

At the February 22 unveiling at the Labadi Beach Hotel in Accra, Executive Director and Head of Retail Banking, Ghana and West Africa Henry Baye explained the SC Mobile App meant clients did not have to wait to gain access to a banking hall at 08:00am as a virtual digital banking space is on the phone of a client to make payments, effect withdrawals as well make transfers.

He added the end-to-end digital banking has stemmed the practice of filling voluminous forms in a quest to open a fixed deposit account “as there is little time to waste in today’s competitive world.”

“We seek to make life easier for clients and with this app they don’t have to make separate time for banking. Why stop to drive to the bank while you can have that walk in the morning, have lunch while banking on your phone and connecting with friends at the same time,” the warm director pointed out.

While in the past while upon losing a debit card, one had to call the bank or rush to the premises to block it, Mr. Baye notes that with the SC Mobile App, one only needs to access the app on phone, block the card and order for a new one to be delivered at place of choice by the bank.

Participants at the unveiling

He further added with cash withdrawal, a client with a visa card can initiate process on phone and then make a withdrawal at the nearest Standard Charted ATM.

For those with a SC Mobile App already, they would only have to upgrade to the 2.0 SC Mobile App at no cost to access the vast range of offerings.

Dr. Settor Amediku being briefed

Standard charted says there’s no need for an initial deposit with an account opening while a VISA card is delivered to the client at their work place or residence at no charge.

Mr. Baye however refuted fears the roll out of the mobile app will render some workers redundant as well as cause the close down of some branches.

“We do not intend collapsing any branch. Once there is need to provide a banking service we shall be in existence. The SC Mobile App offers options to the client. We listened to clients and offered them the ability to do more without physically having to be at places,” Mr. Baye clarified.

Mr. Baye with Joselyn Dumas

On how secured the SC Mobile App was, it emerged the app has won Global Finance awards in countries it has been deployed in. “In Ghana, it has won the award five consecutive times. We are aware of cyber-crimes so invested heavily in the app to ensure safety of users’ data,” the Executive Director for Ghana and West Africa stressed.

In 2013, the bank launched its first mobile banking app – Breeze Mobile App. In 2016 it deployed an improved mobile banking App – Standard Chartered Mobile and relaunched online banking making it seamless across platforms supported by the bank’s global-standard technology.

Chief Executive Officer of Standard Chartered Bank Ghana Ltd, Mrs. Mansa Nettey mentioned just as Standard Chartered commissioned its building on the Independence Avenue last year to great acclaim in celebrating a key milestone in Ghana, the bank has this time around come out with its SC Mobile App which has creatively and  digitally revolutionized banking in the country.

Mrs. Mansa Nettey being engaged by MC Kwame

Madam Nettey noted a financial revolution was sweeping across Africa and the rest of the world such that out of 30 million Ghanaians, 22 million are registered phone users showing any business which fails to tap in that market stands to lose greatly.

With a bank in the hands of clients and potential clients, they can open a full account through the mobile app taking a selfie to authenticate identity whereupon the dispatch rider from the Ghana Post delivers a debit card all in 24 hours.

With 24 hour banking and 70 service requests to choose from, it’s easy to see why folks are touting the SC Mobile app as a key intervention in enabling the payment of electricity bills, DSTV subscriptions and others.

While clients use the service, Madam Mansa Nettey revealed they accrue points which can enable the bearer to shop at partner shops, have dinner at partner restaurants, while booking for tickets as well.

Head of Payments at the Bank of Ghana, Dr. Settor Amediku declared the SC Mobile App as revolutionizing the whole payment system given rigorous test the central bank team put the app to.

Dr. Settor Amediku

He observed in the 70 years that conventional banking has taken place in the country; only 1.5 million have been registered whereas e-wallets including mobile money as at August 2018 already had 32 million registered users.

The Central Bank executive also praised Standard Chartered Bank for being one of the banks with a bigger balance sheet, having price stability and a better monetary policy regime.

“Standard Chartered Bank must not stop at the launch but play a key role in making the masses know about the banking and lifestyle app so its various offerings can be accessed to make life easy,” Mr. Amediku urged adding that “the Bank of Ghana took cyber activities seriously hence the launch of the Cyber Directorate in October 2018 to ensure the cyber space is safe to promote trust.”

The SC Mobile App also enables tertiary students on campus to open and own bank accounts without leaving campus.

In session for the app unveiling which has the #beunstoppable hashtag were Board Chair; Dr. Emmanuel Oteng Kumah, Members of the Board and staff.  Standard Charted was founded in 1896 emanating from its predecessor; Bank of British West Africa. For 123 years and counting, Standard Chartered Bank has been a notable voice in the global banking space.

 By Michael Eli Dokosi/