GTA eyes diasporan investors to stimulate domestic tourism

…as ‘Back2Africa’ Concert gathers momentum

The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) says it would leverage on its maiden ‘Back2Africa’ Concert slated for February 27 to March 5 this year, to promote domestic tourism.

The concert which is a collaboration between the GTA and the Adinkra Group in Washington DC, seeks to promote local and international tourism, as part of strategies in bringing African-Americans and African Diasporans back to Africa, particularly to Ghana.

GTA’s CEO, Mr. Akwasi Agyeman, told the Goldstreet Business that the event, will typically target the promotion of Ghana’s culture and historical tourism.

“Many of our brothers and sisters in the diaspora have never set foot on the continent in the last century. There are many African-American families who have not made any contact with the continent since the abolishment of the inhuman slave trade some 400 years ago. It is only proper that we present the platform for them to reconnect with us here,” he said.

He noted that the concert would present an opportunity for GTA to promote the various tourism destinations in Ghana, while showcasing investment opportunities in the tourism sector to the many diasporans who would be the in the country for the period.

“We [GTA] will market opportunities in the sector and project Ghana as the destination of choice for tourism investment in Africa,” he explained.

CEO of the Adinkra Group, Diallo Sumbry, partners of the event, said about 75 diasporans would be in Ghana for the concert.

Stating the itinerary for the concert, Diallo said, the popular African-American band, the Go-go band will perform at the concert, coupled with performances from other artistes.

“We are projecting Africa and Ghana as destination of the arts and so there would be several art displays and musical performances in Accra and Cape Coast,” he said.

By Wisdom Jonny-Nuekpe


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