Nigeria: Gov’t present unlimited investment opportunities

Nigeria is taking ownership of its power deficit and is taking charge of its energy future” says Future Energy Nigeria’s business development director Ade Yesufu. “The new initiatives by the Government present unlimited opportunities for stakeholders across the entire power sector value chain, including metering, billing and revenue collection, technology and service providers, financiers, manufacturers and suppliers across the sector. In short, watch this space: Nigeria is positioning itself as an investment destination for the power sector. We’re excited.” Ade Yesufu, Business Development Director, Future Energy Nigeria

The upcoming conference and exhibition in Lagos in November presents solutions for the power sector and connects power and energy professionals working together to advance a sustainable energy economy.

Looking to innovation solutions

“With the highest GDP in Africa and still growing at an impressive rate” explains Yesufu, businesses across Nigeria are looking to innovative solutions to create their own stable and viable power solutions. Investments in mini grids contribute towards rural electrification and the Meter Asset Provider (MAP) initiative was introduced by the Nigerian Energy Regulatory Commission (NERC) to address the end-user metering gap with regards to financing, procurement, installation, servicing/maintenance and replacement of metering equipment.
He adds: “Future Energy Nigeria will focus on bridging the country’s energy access gap, the role of off-grid generation projects as well as discuss the NERC initiative to franchise the Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) in Nigeria. The goal is to increase competitiveness in the market and improve the quality of electricity supply through investment in metering, billing, collection and network rehabilitation and expansion.”

The 16th edition of this longstanding, leading conference and exhibition will take place at the Eko Hotel in Lagos from 12-13 November 2019.