Ghana can move from big rice importer to exporter – Dep. Min.

White uncooked rice in small burlap sack

Robert Ahomka Lindsay has noted that the country has seen an increase in trade with East Asian country; Vietnam.

He said from a trade of GHS700m in 2007, things scaled to GHS2.6b in 2016. The Deputy Trades Minister however says the country’s huge import of rice (82%) must be worked on so it becomes a big exporter of rice taking inspiration from Vietnam which was like Ghana importing different items but specialised in rice and tea production becoming a global powerhouse.

Robert Ahomka Lindsay

He noted the Ghanaian government will form partnerships with foreign governments executed by the private sector. Mr. Lindsay observed SMEs played a critical role in Vietnam’s food turn-around story adding Ghanaian Small Scale & Medium Enterprises are being supported to play their developmental role.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Ghana and Nigeria Pham Anh Tuan for his part stated his country wishes to trade more with Ghana.

The Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Pham Anh Tuan

Michael Eli Dokosi/