Turkey to invest US$1bn in Ghana through trade

Bayazit (second from right) speaking at the launch of the business tour

Turkey’s ambassador to Ghana, Nasrin Bayazit has said her country is ready to invest and grow the trade value between Ghana and Turkey from half a billion to one billion United States (US) dollars within the shortest possible time.

She said Turkey has not engaged in business relations with Ghana for a long period, but has done quiet well by building strong and successful bilateral relations with the Ghanaian business community.

Building business relationships

She said Turkey was looking forward to building relations where both countries can promote their businesses on favorable platforms.

She was speaking at the launch of the Helgard -Botswana Tour launched in Accra on Thursday to introduce to Ghanaians, the best tourism and business opportunities in Botswana.

Madam Bayazit affirmed that Turkish products were of good quality at competitive prices stating that the business opportunities must be beneficial to both countries.

Two-way benefit

“It should not be a one-way business relationship, it should be mutual, I would like to see more balanced relationships, Turkey is a free country with much business opportunities” she said.

Madam Bayazit stated the Turkey has done good business with Ghana over the years by operating and investing in key sectors in Ghana’s economy, and urged more Ghanaians visit Turkey as 35 million tourist visited Turkey last year.

Showcase business opportunities

Mr. Thomas Okyere, Botswana Honorary Consul said the launch of the tour was to make religious destinations and business opportunities at Turkey known to Ghanaians and vice versa to facilitate multi trade relationships between the two countries.

He encouraged the Ghanaian business community to endeavor to take advantage of Botswana’s diamonds, beef, its quality cow feet, soda, ash for glass making and leather while Ghana explores avenues to export its artifacts.

“Ghanaians are quite entrepreneurial and can bring on board their skills and begin to trade,” he said.

He observed that the trade opportunities between the two countries would be liberal as Botswana is a country with zero tolerance for corruption with efficiency in processing documents, adding, Botswana has adequate gas that Ghana could also utilize.

By Linda Naa Deide Aryeetey