US$ 500,000 investment opportunity opens for Ghanaian Investors

Daniel D. Ryan, Managing Director for Emerging Markets [Africa] at Atlantic American Partners (AAP)

An investment opportunity under the “EB-5” Program in the United States, has being opened to Ghanaian investors to make investments in real estate of an initial amount of US$ 500,000. Apart from the expected profits on investment, the promoters claim that a crucial added benefit is that the investment facilitates the acquisition of an American Green Card by the investor, thus conferring residency rights.

In a media interaction on the available opportunity, the Managing Director for Emerging Markets [Africa] at Atlantic American Partners (AAP), Daniel D. Ryan explained, “AAP’s ‘EB-5’ foreign investor program allows potential investors or prospect an opportunity to invest in the United States economy along with numerous benefits.”

He noted that, the AAP “EB-5” foreign investment program requires the prospect to deposit an initial amount of US$ 500,000 that allows the investor to own a limited partnership position in a “fund” portfolio of new, “trophy” commercial real estate development projects such as Luxury Residential Apartment Communities, High-Class Hotels, and most recently high-quality Student Housing Rental assets in the United States.

The target market for this investment comprises high net-worth individuals, Ryan stated.

AAP, through the US Government (USCIS) will issue a permanent green card after roughly 4-5 years from initial application (known as the I-829) after job creation and required waiting period has been performed for the investor.

At this point, once all conditions have been met, the Initial US$500,000 principal investment is returned to the applicant.

In addition, to help offset up-front initial costs of a US$45,000 administrative fee to AAP and roughly US$20,000 in immigration legal/attorney fees, AAP pays the applicant a 2 percent annual interest rate or US$10,000 per year (US$ 50,000 over 5 years) and shares with applicants a small portion of the capital gains or property value increase from initial construction cost to full fund and asset liquidation.

“This diversified approach helps reduce risk and loss of capital, like the adage ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’,” Ryan said.

AAP’s EB-5 foreign investment program comes along with numerous benefits for the potential investor that include, but are not limited to:

  1. Securing the opportunity to move to the US with your spouse and other unmarried family members below the age of 21, within 14-20 months from initial program application, and receive what is referred to as a “Temporary Green Card” (I-526 Approval).
  2. Ability to live and work anywhere in the US
  3. Ability to travel to and from your homeland without visa
  4. Ability to start a business
  5. Access to education at high-quality, very low or no-cost public primary and secondary schools; and public and private colleges and universities at US resident costs.

By Joshua W. Amlanu