50 PR executives gain insights from Stratcomm CEO on career path aided by E’April Public Relations

Ms. Cobbah with Ms. April Ocloo

Founder behind E’April Public Relations; a solely Public Relations (PR) business in Fashion and Women in PR Ghana, Faith Senam April Ocloo has enabled women with public relations craft including new entrants to gain insights into how the industry is shaped and how to operate efficiently as a woman thanks to an interaction with the Stratcomm Africa CEO.

Stratcomm Africa Chief Officer, Ms. Esther A.N. Cobbah availed herself to fifty Women in PR narrowing the talk to starting a career in PR and sustaining such a career.

Ms. Cobbah having been in the PR space for decades and founding Stratcomm Africa some twenty-five years ago shared how she birthed the company stressing that “Success in our profession requires working with the integrity of heart and skill of hand.”

Other elements critical to her cause include passion, self-motivation, hard work and an open heart for God to work through for His glory and for the benefit of mankind.

Ms. Senam Ocloo for her part submitted: “We are humbled to have an opportunity to listen to Ms. Cobbah. She is an inspiration to many young PR professionals and we believe this event, in which she shares her over three decades of professional experience in communication as well as her 25-year journey of entrepreneurship in this industry with us women in PR Ghana is timely.”

By Michael Eli Dokosi/goldstreetbusiness.com