Yango comfort ride: affordable luxury for everyone

The introduction of the Yango taxi service to Ghana could be the game changer in the country’s growing technological ride hailing space, looking at the fact that ‘many’ companies, which ventured to control a share of the market are no longer active.

Companies such as Yenkor taxi and even taxify, that once provided competition in the market are somewhat ‘defunct’ due to arrival of Yango ride hailing service, introduced by the Global technology giants Yandex, in the Ghanaian market.

Yango’s customer centred approach, readily makes its vehicles affordable with its economic tariff fares starting at a cool GHc2.00 and the comfort ride, on the other hand, starting from as low as GHc8.00 within a three kilometer journey.

While many people may think Yango is just another company that has arrived to test the ride hailing-business atmosphere in Ghana, the contrary is that, the company has actually arrived and has plans to control the larger share of the Ghanaian technological ride hailing market.

Yango’s serious business module and modus operandi which can be attributed to the company’s quest to control the market stems from the fact that, it harnesses all available methods to make sure the customer is paramount; maybe King.

With a range of comfort rides scattered all over Accra, patrons of Yango taxi services are assured of being driven by the most courteous professional driver.

While many would prefer to catch any Yango taxi to meet transportation demands at any giving time, a preferred choice among the company’s preferred car service is the comfort ride.

The comfort rides has a list of cars including, Prado, Toyota Avensis, Toyota Camry Spider, Toyota Corolla S and a collection of several A-list vehicles.

All Yango comfort rides are luxurious with a fully air-conditioned indulgence and good service offering as the hallmark.

While a driver would readily accommodate and engage a customer in a friendly conversation leading to laughter and smiles, such treats are mostly enjoyed in a Yango comfort ride.

With a professional driver service, fully air-conditioned luxury car service, good music, clean exterior and interior, the Yango taxi service can only be the ideal toast for customers, particularly the futuristic generation who are very enthused with anything luxury.

As Ghanaians are becoming more sophisticated, so does Yango also readies to consistently meet the needs of patrons for an exciting future.