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Leadershift focus topic: The Palm Principle

Sika Twum; Executive Coach, International Gestalt Practitioner /Impact Corporate Trainer

The fact that you studied Accounting and are a certified Accountant does not necessarily mean accounting is the right career fit for you and that is all you should /can do till you retire .

The palm principle further draws our attention to the fact that many of you have never reflected on your personality and career interest match to ascertain whether you are in the right career fit. It challenges us to spend some time to examine our passion and career paths to assess if our personality, interests and values match the occupation we are pursuing and also assessing the source of your constant burnout.

Just us the difference kinds of palms is a fact, so is it a fact that you should not leave the choice of your career preferences, career change decisions and preferred areas of talent development in the hands of your organisation, your spouse or friends. It is your palm and you have more at stake if you fail to own your career decision making process.

As John Maxwell rightly puts it There is often a fee attached to the realisation of your potential– To the fulfillment of your dream and you are worth the bill.

-Powerful Coaching Questions

  1. When was the first time you undertook a personality and careers assessment ( psychometric tests) ?
  2. How useful was it to you ?
  3. What job will you willing do without pay and what would make you do it?
  4. In what way are you getting ahead in your career or losing interest in it?
  5. Which three adjectives would you use to describe your present state of career satisfaction or dissatisfaction?
  6. Would you attribute fear of the unknown as one of the factors impeding to explore your present career direction? If yes what are you afraid of?
  7. There are five steps you can take to modify your career trajectory-. You can do more of something, do less of something, stop doing something, start doing something or do something differently – which way do you prefer to take and how?
  8. Humanly speaking there is no other influence in your life more powerful than your temperments or combination of temperaments- What are your temperaments?
  9. If I told you it was possible to find the job you always wanted without leaving the one you have would you consider exploring that option and why?
  10. Ken Blanchard author of the One Minute Manager says “the key to success in life, both financially and professionally is the test of joy. If you do not love what you are doing you will fall short.” In what way does this resonate with you and how?

Remember you can always have more, be more or do more because you can Become more.