3rd Annual Tuition-Free Marketing Performance Training held in Accra

Rev. John Thompson, Lead Consultant, Exposure Consult Limited

The third annual tuition-free marketing performance training has ended in Accra with a call on participants to adopt innovative and strategic methods to doing business in order to survive stiff competition, while ensuring staff performance are measured and assessed periodically to ensure efficiency.

In his submissions, Lead Consultant of Exposure Consult Limited, Rev. John Thompson added, with the sophistication of today’s empowered customers, volatility of the market, homogeneity of products and services and unfavorable macro-economic factors, companies cannot continue to do business as usual.

He further stressed that many companies will not survive without a continuous generating demand strategy; absence of service quality and weak frontline personnel.

He avowed that it’s time for businesses to harness the true value of customers with a high conversion rate through an empowered frontline and a culture of service quality to increase the demand for products and services.


The training execution was characterized by role plays, practical demonstration and applications coupled with field insights and global best practices. Participants were very excited for the opportunity to be part of the program.

The Corporate powerhouse tuition-free marketing training event organized annually by Exposure Consult Ltd (Exposure Business Events) is in its third year of execution since its inception in 2016.

This CSR driven and strategic event seeks to empower the country’s workforce with the culture of performance through experiential learning, global best practices and generated insights for business growth and national development.

So far, the strategic Sales & Marketing Performance Training event has impacted over 70 companies in the capital with world class tuition-free training in customer Service Excellence, Generating Demand, Persuasion Architecture, And Sales Closing Strategies.

This year, the event was successfully executed on Friday, September28, 2018 at the African Studies Conference Hall, University of Ghana. The topical focus for the training was on “Service Marketing (Service Quality)”, “Generating More Demand” and “Frontline Leadership”.


This year’s event was sponsored by Voltic, Business & Financial Times, Pan African TV, Sunny FM, Tishbite Foods & Kitchen, Shiloh Catering and Ashiekliqs. The organizers have plans to drive the event to other parts of the country in the coming years for maximum benefit to companies and national development.