Black Friday shopping craze catches Ghana

Although an American phenomenon, the Black Friday shopping discount craze has caught on in Ghana with shops giving up to 80 percent discount on items for sale.

The various malls in the country have geared up to make good sales on Friday; November 23 with aspiring shoppers waiting to also grab items they couldn’t have previously afforded.

Shops aware of the Black Craze development around the country have also slashed prices on phones, laptop computers, audio speakers, kitchen blenders, television sets, power banks, motorbikes, mattresses, clothing, footwear, cosmetics and underwear to enable revelers have a good festive season with Christmas around the corner.

Black Friday began as part of the Xmas shopping package right after thanksgiving (the fourth Thursday of November) from the 1930s. Although originally a day’s event, it’s grown to run into weeks and even a month.

A man submitted he was patiently waiting to buy a new iPhone as the price was beyond his reach when he tried buying the last time. Another stated he was keen to buy a flat screen TV to have a swell time and knew the price will be slashed to enable him buy. There have also been online promotions about the discount sales with Jumia being the notable.

By Michael Eli Dokosi