Bridge for Equity statement on International Women’s Day-#PressForProgress

Bridge for Equity believes that the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day, Press For Progress, is timely and relevant. In that regard, it motivates actors and activists to continue their work in changing the status quo, empowering women and pushing to fight against gender discrimination.

To Press for Progress is to encourage women and girls to pursue STEM education; at a time when studies have shown that only 28% of girls are into STEM.

To Press for Progress is challenge policies that seemingly create gender discrimination or are not gender sensitive in formulation, execution and implementation.

To Press for Progress is to travel to hinterlands where practices like Female Genital Mutilation and the Trokosi System still exist, to educate, enlighten and empower more women and girls.

To Press for Progress is to deliberately expose women and girls to opportunities available to them that will help in realizing their full potentials.

To Press for Progress is to completely eliminate the notion that feminists are man-haters and exert aggression and controversies in the fight against Gender Discrimination.

And finally, To Press for Progress, is to create the understanding that Gender Discrimination is not a Woman issue, it is a human issue.

This is to all women who in one way or another are pressing for progress in their communities and in society. Women everywhere who are making gains in the fight for equal rights and opportunities, women empowerment and access to education.

We applaud you for the phenomenal work you are doing, the little gains which affect much bigger policies and the sacrifices you’ve had to make to ensure that these objectives are achieved.

Keep pushing, Keep Pressing for Progress. Happy International Women’s Day #PressForProgress

Soldier on sisters! We are proud of you.