Deepening the Provision of Total Information Technology Solutions …the Work Smart example

It is no doubt that the rapid growth with the use of technology is changing the way businesses and individuals operate.

While new technologies and innovations are making life easier and increasing production and output in various ways, the story is quite different in this part of the world [Ghana].

Even though the adoption of technology is increasing gradually, most organizations are still ranked at the bottom of the deployment curve simply because, they continuously rely on manual and traditional methods of doing things.

Though a number of IT companies have over the last few years sought to provide the kind of solutions that will change the narrative, few have been successful in the provision of bespoke services to clients in the country.

To bridge that gap, an indigenous Information Technology Solutions Services Provider, Work Smart Limited, has been working behind the scenes, offering the kind of bespoke technological services that clients have always needed.

In the country’s technology space, Work Smart, a computing intelligence company with an unparalleled technical expertise in Mobile Application Development, Automated Messaging System Development, Web Application Development, Security Systems Engineering, IT Outsourcing and Data Analytics Engineering, has, with the requisite expertise, developed smart technological solutions for businesses in Ghana and abroad.

Work Smart’s clientele spans across the sub-region, cutting across Governmental Institutions and Corporate Organizations.

Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Work Smart, Alvin Kwabena Ansah confirms to the Goldstreet Business that the company which is partly owned by Francis Boaten, an ICT Consultant, comprises a team of young talented technology experts, who are keen on providing top level and cutting-edge IT services tailored specifically to suit each client’s needs.

With an extensive experience and in-depth knowledge, the company is founded on the principle that, clients require practical and realistic solutions, which consistently adds value in relevant areas that gives them a competitive edge over their peers and makes their businesses profitable.

Work Smart follows an approach which focuses on integrating Strategy, Marketing, Design and Technology through specific practice groups, architecting a solution that meets unique business requirements.

This IT entity, implements a comprehensive quality system to ensure that all projects executed, conform to strict standards.

This quality service by Work Smart also allows for standards specified by the customer in line, with the success of such businesses and enabled by the proposed application that the company develops.

As a global brand, the name Work Smart Limited is synonymous with total Information Technology Solutions and a Quality of Service that leads the way particularly in the provision of data services in Ghana.

The company has an experience in dealing with International Organizations, Central Banks and large Financial Institutions.

Work Smart is dedicated to applying the latest industry technologies and is keen on the culture of driving constant improvement of what is already heralded as the most versatile and robust network in Ghana.

Some robust and useful solutions which have been built by Work Smart over the years include; recruitment applications for the University of Ghana Medical Center, the Ghana Police Service and the Ghana Prisons Service.

The company has also chalked remarkable successes in the development of bulk SMS applications for the Ghana Revenue Authority, Payroll Systems and other Financial Applications for several institutions.

A latest feat by the company is the Smart News Broadcast Application, a news aggregator site that accumulates news from various news websites in Ghana including,,, ghanaweb, among others.

This application is deliberatively designed to enable users to access news from multiple sources on one platform.

The news aggregator delivers to clients specific news items tailored to the readers’ interests and preference.

Companies such as Work Smart are genuinely interested in helping other organizations and individuals become better in the day-to-day running of businesses that need technology as growth support.

CTO Alvin Kwabena Ansah, who has vast experience and expertise in computing, explained that computing is a craft which must be pursued with passion as well as a greater focus on the customer.

“At Work Smart, we focus on providing one of a kind service that cuts across the entire computing value chain, from Internet solutions to Web Design and IT Engineering among others,” he emphasized.

With a market reach to as far as Sierra Leone and Angola, Work Smart has distinguished itself as the ideal IT Services Provider with an unmatched pedigree in the Ghanaian market.

Work Smart is keen on maintaining and improving on its legacy as the preferred IT Solutions provider for bespoke Websites, Mobile Applications, Block Chains, FinTech and all services in the entire IT value chain.