Gold Coast Refinery Limited sees gold bars certified; GSA wants certification for diamonds too

Dr. Amponsah-Bediako, Dir. of Comm., Ghana Standards Authority (GSA)

The Director of Communication at the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA); Dr. Amponsah-Bediako is of the view that the country has already lost to much from exporting raw resources to other countries urging dealers in precious minerals to emulate the example of the Gold Coast Refinery Limited (GCRL) which now has its gold certified.

At a certification event in Accra on Tuesday, GCRL received certification for its products from the Ghana Standards Authority.

Dr. Amponsah-Bediako stated with the certification, Ghana’s gold now goes on the international market trading on the bullion market where international standards are applied and the country can get the precise earning on its gold bars.

“There’s value for money and the certification helps Ghana’s industrialisation drive,” he declared.

“The GSA seeks to issue certification on other Ghanaian minerals too, be it bauxite, diamond or manganese so other mineral trading entities should step forward so the checks are done for the certification,” he concluded.

GCRL operates a modern and well-equipped gold refinery; located at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) and has a daily production capacity of 600kgs per shift of eight hours.

Ghana is the second largest gold producer in Africa and the 10th largest in the world. It is the largest gold producer in West Africa with 70T produced in 2003 increased by 46% to 222,762 oz (6,929 kg).