Kete-Krachi Timber Recovery engages Lake Volta communities

KKTR officials at a community engagement along the Volta Lake in the Fanteakwa District

A number of communities along the Volta Lake in the Fanteakwa and Manya Krobo Districts in the Eastern Region have been sensitized on the operations of Kete-Krachi Timber Recovery, the firm undertaking the harvesting of tree stumps from the Volta Lake.

The sensitization exercises are carried out in the communities to educate the residents before the KKTR commences operations to ensure that both the company and the communities take the necessary measures for the smooth and successful harvesting of the timber from the Lake in those areas.

In a chat at Fanteakwa on Friday before the programme, the District Chief Executive, Mr. Charles Oware Tweneboah commended the management of KKTR Limited for embarking on such Community engagements designed to solicit the cooperation and understanding of the citizens for oneness of purpose and peaceful operations.

Addressing the people of Teryi in the Upper Manya District and Fanteakwa in the Fanteakwa District, the Operations Manager of KKTR Limited, Mr. Ali Marnah said the benefits of the operations of the company to the communities and the country were far greater than allowing the stumps in the lake to  cause accidents and fatalities on the lake.

He said in addition to the foreign exchange that the export of the salvaged timber derives for the nation, more than 80% of staff of the company were recruited from the surrounding communities and that the company as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility,is providing boreholes, toilets facilities and other amenities to the towns and villages along its operational areas.

The President of the National Inland Canoe Fishermen Council, (NICFC) in charge of the over 80,000 Fishers on the Volta Lake, Mr. Jacob Ageke explained to the Fishermen and women that the processes of harvesting the tree stumps in no way affected legal fishing in the lake as the stumps were not uprooted but were cut to a level, thus making way for safe travelling and passage on the lake for smooth fishing and commuting.