Ninth National Food and Agriculture Show launched

The National Food and Agriculture Show (FAGRO), the ninth in the series, has been launched with an aim to support and strengthen the country’s agricultural sector both locally and internationally. This year’s edition is being held under the theme “Accelerating Sustainable Agriculture through investment in the value chain.’’

The event, through the organisation of exhibitions, seminars and trade promotions will offer an advocacy and promotional platform for stakeholders in the sector.

Deputy Minister of Food and Agriculture, Kennedy Osei Nyarko speaking at the launch in Accra reiterated government’s agricultural agenda as a viable venture which should not be left only in the hands of the aged and less educated.

In that regard, he said the real task of making agriculture the pathfinder of the nation’s development will begin with an important shift in attitude and mentality.

“The agricultural sector remains a potentially major employer, yet most people fail to perceive this and end up missing out on the opportunities the sector offers.’’

The minister noted in other jurisdictions highly educated persons control the value chain of the agriculture sector.

Nyarko said, should Ghana go beyond aid, agriculture must lead the growth and structural transformation of the economy and maximizing the benefits of accelerated growth.

He said, his outfit has clearly aligned its commitment to government’s agenda and vision of seeing a “Ghana beyond aid’’ that can boast of home-grown solutions that can compete globally.

“Huge investments in agriculture as well as a strengthening of systems in the value chain will go a long way to actualize this vision.’’

General Manager for FAGRO, Antoinette L.C Nwosu said the promotion and investment in agriculture must be thoroughly prioritized and aimed at providing avenues for people of like minds, partners and shareholders to discuss and probe into developing strategies to advance sustainable measures.

She said FAGRO as part of its activities, has dedicated a day to the Ministry of Food and Agriculture for the championing of government’s agenda concerning food and agriculture.

This year’s FAGRO activities will commence on October 25 to October 27, 2018 at the Efua Sutherland Children’s Park, Accra.

By Mawuli Y. Ahorlumegah