Pesewa Global launches Pesewa’s Educational Services

Pesewa Global, an Africa-focused business incubator, has launched its Pesewa’s Educational Services, another product among others expected to be launched this month.

The products under this service include; Pesewa Open School; Pesewa Corporate Partnership Programme (CPC); Pesewa People; Pesewa Analysis; Pesewa Club.

At the launch of the service, a business executive at Pesewa Global, Emmanuel Asare indicated that the Pesewa’s Educational Service was birthed based on the need to bridge the gap between academia and industry.

“So what we have done at Pesewa is that we have put together some product lines which would help people through either formal or informal education to upgrade themselves and acquire knowledge.”

Highlighting the essence of the products, Asare said, the Pesewa Open School is designed to help people learn either in an academic set-up or leveraging on technology to learn right from home, whereas the Pesewa People is a mentorship programme designed to help participants to live their dream. Also, the Pesewa CPC product is aimed at providing internship access to people, among other products.

“Some reasons why we put up the educational services is because, people need to be empowered in their minds, so that it can lead to a change in attitude. Once they are done with that, then they are able to link the practical skills and knowledge that they acquire to the field of work,” Asare explained.

Pesewa Global is a business incubator, with the aim to help develop about 100 million small and medium enterprises in Africa. It also has the aim to train and engage 1 million young people as developers across the continent.

By Joshua W. Amlanu